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My name is Kelly, I started my ironing business at the end of 2016.  My son, Archie, was due to start Pre-School in January 2017 and wanted to start my own business, have something for myself, instead of going back to a 9-5 office job which I had done for many years previous to Archie being born.  I always wanted to be able to do a job where I could be around to catch all of his first moments and watch him grow so this was ideal to work evenings or when he was at Pre-school/School.  Through the power of social media and word of mouth I have built up a lovely client base that suits my time and requirements but am always on the lookout for new customers too.

I work from my home, I have a spare room which has been dedicated to an ironing room with a giant ironing board, steam generating iron and hanging rails (together with a radio and tv to keep me company).

I offer a 48 hour turnaround with a collection and delivery service of approximately 10 mile radius of Middle Barton.  I can hang or fold items to your requirements providing hangers and polythene garment covers.  I can iron all items of clothing and bedding.

Please do give me a call to discuss your ironing requirements.

0787 242 8146

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